Our Vision

Our Vision

  • To attract investment into primary care to help sustain our member practices.
  • Supporting practices to work with other providers to provide better integrated care for patients.
  • Making fair and transparent decisions about the allocation of resources to practices to provide services that represent value for money.
  • To build on healthy relationships in a fair and transparent way in order to work together at scale and provide the best possible out of hospital care.

Our Mission

  • Provide services that are better for patients because they are responsive, accessible, and delivered in the most appropriate setting.
  • To work together to support all our practices to provide efficient and effective high quality primary care for all our patients.
  • To sustain healthy practices, who can then to deliver high quality and compassionate patient care.


  • People Centred Care – put our local population at the heart of what we do.
  • Quality – provide a common high quality service across Lambeth, and reduce variation.
  • Efficiency – sharing expertise across Lambeth to bring the greatest impact.
  • Integration – joined up health and social care.


Please see “What We Do” for an overview on our programmes of work.