Public Health Improvement Services

Public Health Improvement Services

The Lambeth GP Federations have been commissioned by the Local Authority to offer Public Health Improvement Services (PHIS). The PHIS aims to improve the following health areas:

NHS Health Checks: Identify patients at risk of vascular diseases such as Stroke, Diabetes, Kidney Disease and Heart Disease then working with these patients to reduce their risk factors, such as high blood pressure, obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, and raised cholesterol in order to prevent development of a vascular disease.

Long Acting Reversable Contraception (LARC): To increase patient awareness of LARC methods available to women to enable them to make an informed choice regarding effective contraceptive use, and reduce the number of unintended pregnancies

Substance Misuse Service: A treatment programme put in place to reduce harm associated with drug and alcohol misuse to individuals, their families, and the wider community by improving access to healthcare treatments and recovery support within General Practice

Smoking Cessation: During 2017/18, GP practices offered a personalised quit smoking programme providing support, medication, and advice to patients who wanted to stop smoking. This service has since been decommissioned by Lambeth Local Authority.